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"If it's all back to just grades. a lot of people will have an easy time for about 10 years, but later our kids will suffer dramatically," Kress said. "Should you assess kids every year?Yes," Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said recently. He added he was "more than sympathetic" to growing concerns about over testing in school districts, some of which run standardized tests multiple times each year. Increasingly, standardized tests carry high stakes. Teachers are often evaluated in part by their students' scores, and students may have to pass a standardized test to advance to the next grade in elementary school or earn a high school diploma. To prepare students for those high stakes exams, and to monitor their academic progress more closely, many school districts like Seattle give additional standardized tests throughout the year. That's what the teachers at Seattle's Garfield High School were protesting when they decided in January to boycott the multiple choice Measures of Academic Progress MAP test, saying the computerized exam is not aligned with the state's curriculum and produces "meaningless results" upon which they are indirectly evaluated. The Northwest Evaluation Association, maker of the MAP, said its test adapts to a student aptitude and quickly provides educators with a reliable, fair progress report, though the test version used may not adhere to a specific teacher's syllabus. Seattle schools have given the MAP test three times a year since 2009, on top of two other state mandated exams. It is used in hundreds of school systems throughout Washington state and elsewhere.

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1121/1. 4947517irovi, A. , SM Wiggins, EM Oleson. 2013. Ocean noise in the tropical and subtropical Pacific Ocean. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 134:2681 2689. 10. 1121/1. 4820884Noise in the marine environment affects the animals that heavily rely on sounds for finding mates or food. With increasing contributions to noise from human activities, it is important to understand the impacts of anthropogenic noise and other human activities on animals.

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